About Us
Italy MOOOID located in the city of Moreton, specializing in advanced technology and design of tiles, innovative technology combined with advanced production technology.
In 2007, began to invest in China production base with annual production of five million square meters - to achieve the Italian design of China-made international Premier Brand.

Product positioning with Italian style and original design
1 – Simple, fashion trend of the modern style
2 - Warm and comfortable Nordic style
3 - Fresh and classic Chinese style
4 - Mix with personal taste
5 - Designer made products
6 - Decorative tile and accessories
7 - Feature wall bricks
8 – Customer made tiles

Built and opened Asia-Pacific show room in 2013, to provide customers with different - style product application effects - soft and light configuration services.
Our mission is to insist 100% Italian design with production in mainland China to provide customers with different taste and experience.